Lori Abbott

The Romeo and Juliet Delusion

Lori Abbott
Author & Speaker

Lori Abbott

Lori Abbott is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the areas of family and criminal Law. She holds a BA in criminal justice and social welfare from Mankato State University and a JD from William Mitchell College of Law. Throughout the course of her career, Abbott has dedicated countless hours of free legal representation to women seeking domestic abuse protection orders. She also spent many years in private practice volunteering at a Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, where she saw firsthand the effects of abuse and trauma on women and children every day. After a near-death experience at the hands of her former fiancé in 2015, she found herself in the same exact shoes of all those women she spent her life professionally representing.

In The Romeo & Juliet Delusion, Abbott brings a unique perspective to the subject matter as a successful family and criminal law attorney. Her story shows that addiction and the possibility of drowning in a toxic relationship can happen to anyone. Through the retelling of her own abuse at the hands of someone she deeply loved, readers can understand that domestic violence and addiction do not care about race, gender, job title, or educational level.

Abbott offers an inspiring vision of what is possible for victims on the other side of trauma, abuse, and addiction—all while revealing how she overcame her own personal battles that so strongly parallel the women she serves and the countless number of women around the world currently trapped in this dangerous type of relationship.

Much like the clients she serves, Abbott was forced to embark upon the greatest challenge of her life: learning to heal from her own trauma, abuse, and addictions.  Throughout this journey, she was called upon by the Universe to fully own her story and share it with the world. In addition to the writing of this book, she has started going public with her story by being a guest speaker on live Facebook interviews, morning radio shows in her local community, podcasts, and various in-person speaking engagements.

Abbott is an avid world traveler, life adventurer, and an extreme sports enthusiast. She currently resides in Fargo, North Dakota, with her dog, Maicy. In addition to practicing law, Abbott is a volunteer Wish Granter with Make-A-Wish, a literacy coach at a non-profit Dyslexia Learning Center, and a youth mentor for underprivileged girls through the YMCA.

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