Lori Abbott

The Romeo and Juliet Delusion

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The Romeo & Juliet Delusion

In this compelling memoir Lori Abbott chronicles her dangerous relationship with her ex-fiancé who was a meth and heroin addict. In addition to the overwhelming aspects of loving a drug addict, there was physical and emotional abuse, including a series of traumatic events during the relationship that escalated to an attempt being taken on her life 2015.

The Romeo & Juliet Delusion provides inspiration to anyone who’s life has been touched by addiction or domestic violence. Abbott relies on raw, uninhibited storytelling to convey the methods she used to explore healing and freedom from trauma. Individuals suffering from addiction or who are experiencing domestic violence are isolated, but reading about someone’s true life experiences provides them with the hope they are desperately seeking. In this book readers will learn how to:

  • Recognize and break trauma bonds
  • View addiction with compassion and curiosity
  • Release the shame associated with abuse and addiction
  • Reclaim their voices
  • Live an extraordinary life free of the weight of trauma
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